What Is a Miniature Labrador?

what is a miniature labrador

The Labrador retriever is a large dog breed with a weight range between 55 – 80 pounds. While a Labrador’s personality is a desirable trait for families, their size may overshadow many other qualities. Large dog breeds may be less likely to become an indoor household pet because of their weight and size. While some … Read more

Best Dog Crate

best dog crate

Dog crates come in many shapes, styles, materials, and sizes. There are four main types of dog crates that you can choose between, such as wire, soft-sided, furniture, and plastic dog crates. Each of these styles is very different from the others and has its own unique look, but it’s nice to have a lot … Read more

Top Dog Nail Clippers

top dog nail clippers

One of the many tasks you have as a dog owner is to groom them. You have to wash them, brush them, feed them, walk them, and most importantly, trim their nails. All of these things keep up your dog’s appearance, health, and hygiene. A dog’s nails need to be cut just the way our … Read more

Labrador for Sale? How to Vet Your Breeder

labrador for sale how to vet your breeder

Labrador puppies are one of the top chosen dog breeds to add to your family because of their friendly, loyal, and gentle personality. Adding this faithful companion to your family should be an honest and transparent process between you and the breeder. Asking the right questions and having the right information will make certain you … Read more