Labrador Puppies

how many different types of labrador are there

How Many Different Types of Labrador Are There?

Labradors are energetic, loyal dogs that can make a perfect fit in a family. Labradors are gentle, smart, and physically capable of performing many grueling tasks. Labradors learn commands quickly and store plenty of energy to successfully perform them. This had made Labradors one of the top preferred breeds for […]

best dog crate

Best Dog Crate

Dog crates come in many shapes, styles, materials, and sizes. There are four main types of dog crates that you can choose between, such as wire, soft-sided, furniture, and plastic dog crates. Each of these styles is very different from the others and has its own unique look, but it’s […]

best dog brush for labs

Best Dog Brush for Labs

Before you can determine the best dog brush to use on your lab, you should learn more about the breed as a whole. Once you do more research and gain a clear understanding of your dog’s breed and how those types of dogs react to certain things, you can take […]

top dog nail clippers

Top Dog Nail Clippers

One of the many tasks you have as a dog owner is to groom them. You have to wash them, brush them, feed them, walk them, and most importantly, trim their nails. All of these things keep up your dog’s appearance, health, and hygiene. A dog’s nails need to be […]

7 must do labrador puppy training tips

7 Must Do Labrador Puppy Training Tips

The saying, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks,” isn’t just a common turn of phrase. The older the dog, the more difficult it may be to teach him a new trick, command, or procedure. The best way to ensure your grown Lab knows basic commands and procedures […]

8 tips for labrador grooming

8 Tips for Labrador Grooming

Labradors are some of the most active dogs to have as a pet. They are the perfect friend to join you on hikes in the woods or a morning jog down the neighborhood. This specific breed is known for being easy to train, always ready to please, and does not […]

labrador for sale how to vet your breeder

Labrador for Sale? How to Vet Your Breeder

Labrador puppies are one of the top chosen dog breeds to add to your family because of their friendly, loyal, and gentle personality. Adding this faithful companion to your family should be an honest and transparent process between you and the breeder. Asking the right questions and having the right […]

what is the best labrador shampoo

What is the Best Labrador Shampoo?

Labs are one of America’s most loved dog breed. They are family dogs that are affectionate, outgoing, and loving. They are said to be swimming aficionados and fetch masters. This breed of dog is one of the best breeds to make as your companion; however, the Labrador retriever lifestyle can […]