Labrador Puppies

best labrador retriever training books

Best Labrador Retriever Training Books

You’ve just adopted your new Labrador retriever puppy, and now you’re looking forward to a new fascinating life with your dog. If this is your first dog, then you have more than likely said to yourself, “What are the best Labrador retriever training books?” While books aren’t the preferred media […]

5 reasons you should adopt a labrador rescue today

5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Labrador Rescue Today

One of life’s greatest rewards can come from the companionship of man’s best friend, and what better friend to have than a Labrador! If you are adding a furry friend to your life, consider the benefits of adopting a Labrador rescue. Rescuing a fully grown Labrador can be beneficial to […]

how often should i brush my dogs teeth

How Often Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth

When was the last time you went a month without brushing your teeth? Okay, maybe a month is pushing it. How about a week or even a couple of days? The chances are that you brush your own teeth more than once or at least once every single day. With […]

labrador dog food chart

Labrador Dog Food Chart

Labradors are the perfect companion for anyone looking for a dog ready for an adventure. Prized for being the pet who thrives when they’re hiking or hunting, you can find this pet willing to run anywhere in the woods. Keeping them healthy and active is not a struggle, but there […]

what size of crate for a lab

How to Choose the Right Crate Size for Your Lab?

If you have decided that it’s time to get your Labrador a crate, then you need to realize that there is more to choosing the right size crate than just “eyeballing” it. The crate you choose needs to be comfortable and safe enough for your dog to like and enjoy […]

top 8 best dog beds for lab

Top 8 Best Dog Beds for Lab

Most Labrador Retrievers love to lounge. They want to be cozy and have plenty of room to sprawl out. Labs are usually large dogs, and most of them don’t curl up into a ball to sleep, but rather lay flat on their side with their legs extended or slightly bent. […]

Stop Your Labrador Puppy Biting

Labrador Puppy Bites: Stop Them Before It Gets Worse

Bringing your new Labrador puppy home is one of the best feelings. For some of us, we know that this is when the painful nips start. Although the mouth of a Labrador retriever is soft, puppies are little from gentle. Trainers have a variety of methods under their belt, which […]