What is the Best Labrador Shampoo?

what is the best labrador shampoo

Labs are one of America’s most loved dog breed. They are family dogs that are affectionate, outgoing, and loving. They are said to be swimming aficionados and fetch masters. This breed of dog is one of the best breeds to make as your companion; however, the Labrador retriever lifestyle can often lead to them needing … Read more

Best Labrador Retriever Training Books

best labrador retriever training books

You’ve just adopted your new Labrador retriever puppy, and now you’re looking forward to a new fascinating life with your dog. If this is your first dog, then you have more than likely said to yourself, “What are the best Labrador retriever training books?” While books aren’t the preferred media these days, they can be … Read more

Labrador Dog Food Chart

labrador dog food chart

Labradors are the perfect companion for anyone looking for a dog ready for an adventure. Prized for being the pet who thrives when they’re hiking or hunting, you can find this pet willing to run anywhere in the woods. Keeping them healthy and active is not a struggle, but there is a specific amount of … Read more

Top 8 Best Dog Beds for Lab

top 8 best dog beds for lab

Most Labrador Retrievers love to lounge. They want to be cozy and have plenty of room to sprawl out. Labs are usually large dogs, and most of them don’t curl up into a ball to sleep, but rather lay flat on their side with their legs extended or slightly bent. Whichever position in which your … Read more