Lab Training Collar for Your Dog

lab training collar for your dog

Choosing the right collar for your furry friend can be like choosing a shirt for yourself to wear on a given day. There are numerous styles, colors, and purposes for each shirt you may own and likely the same could be said for the potential collar you buy for your pet. Since your Labrador will … Read more

Top 10 Labrador Training Tips

Labradors are highly intelligent, trainable dogs. Labradors can quickly and easily learn a plethora of words and commands. These commands can range from a simple a sit or shake all the way up to playing hide and seek with your Lab! The right method of training will allow your Lab to learn these commands quickly. … Read more

Why Sit and Lie Down Matter in Your Lab

Train your Labrador to Lie Down and Stay

Teaching your Labrador different tricks goes beyond just showing off to your friends. It is an important step in the development of your dog. Not only do they keep your dog challenged mentally, but they can keep them safe in times of sudden danger. There is a multitude of tricks that you can teach your … Read more

How Trainable is the Labrador Retriever

how to train labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been a well-known breed for centuries, consistently staying at the top for favorites. In fact, the Labrador has been United States’ top breed for 26 consecutive years through the American Kennel Club. But not all loveable breeds are easy to train. Take the English Bulldog for instance. It is a fan favorite, … Read more