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How Much Does a White Labrador Cost?

How Much Does a White Labrador Cost

The Overall Cost of Owning a White Labrador

Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds to own due to their playful and energetic personalities, which makes them a great addition to different types of families.

The adorable appearance of labs also makes them in demand by people who are dog lovers and want a loyal companion.

If you’re considering buying a white labrador, it’s essential to understand the cost of working with a breeder and why this type of dog can be hard to find.

The Cost of a White Labrador

White labradors are unique because of their white coats and beautiful appearance compared to black or brown labs that are commonly seen. They stand out for their black noses and webbed paws with hints of gold or yellow throughout their coats.

Darker yellow hues around the ears draw more attention to their faces. Although yellow labs are standard, white labs are rare and difficult to find in most cities.

In the U.S., the average cost of a white labrador is $1,000 to $2,000. Many factors determine the overall price, including where you’re located and the breeder you select.

During the pandemic, white labs were even harder to find as there was a shortage of available dogs in different parts of the country due to more people looking to adopt a dog into their homes.

It can be challenging to find breeders selling purebred white labradors, which prompts many people to travel long distances and visit neighboring cities or states.

Due to the high demand for white labradors, they typically sell out quickly. Some breeders even have waiting lists of customers looking to purchase a purebred lab.

White labradors are bred by mating two white labs, creating an authentic breed still in high demand among dog lovers. However, it’s not always guaranteed that there will be white labs in the litter.

Some breeders continue to breed yellow dogs together in hopes of getting white labs, which proves how rare they are to find. White labs can be easily confused with albino abs, which stand out because they’ve lost the color in their hair.

What to Know About Owning a White Labrador

Owning a white labrador can be rewarding due to its friendly and loyal personality. White labradors are not only beautiful but are extremely affectionate, which is ideal for those who want to improve their quality of life and have a companion in the home.

They’re known to quickly transition into a new home and are prone to sticking by their pet owner’s side.

They are also protective and defensive of their family members and the property where they live, which can offer peace of mind to their owners.

This dog is not known to be aggressive and very gentle and loving. Although they have pleasant personalities, they still require training to ensure they follow commands and aren’t prone to causing damage to your property.

Fortunately, white labs are intelligent, which makes them easy to train. They’re often willing to learn new tricks and find ways to please their owners.

White labs have an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years, similar to other colors of labs. Some common health conditions and ailments in this dog breed include thyroid issues, allergies, cancer, retinol myopathy, and joint problems.

This type of dog breed is also not hypoallergenic, which can affect family members who are prone to suffering from allergies.

They’re also prone to shedding, making it necessary to prepare for vacuuming the house frequently to remove the excess hair that develops on different surfaces. Brushing the dog at least once each week can also reduce their shedding.

The Cost of Owning a White Labrador

The initial cost of owning a white labrador is an average of $800 to $2,000, depending on if the breeder is willing to sell the white labs at the exact cost as other dogs in the same litter.

The annual cost of feeding a lab is $325 to $725, depending on the dog’s size and how much food they consume.

Many pet owners feed their labs’ raw diets, which can increase the cost but offer more nutrients to the pet. A raw diet can also help them remain healthy and live longer.

Vaccinations are one of the main costs associated with owning a dog, which is $15 to $30. Some breeders vaccinate the dogs before selling them to their customers.

Heartworm meds may also need to be purchased later and cost $5 to $15 monthly. Obtaining medication each month is more cost-effective than treating a dog for heartworms, with an average price tag of $4,000.

Training a white labrador can also cost hundreds of dollars. An additional expense is the cost of toys to ensure your pet is entertained and can stay occupied, especially when you’re away from home during the day.

How to Search for a Labrador Breeder

It’s important to research different breeders with white labs available. Although there are many other breeders, not all of them are the same. You’ll need to look for a breeder that is experienced and reliable.

They should provide a high level of care to the dogs and puppies they’re selling to ensure you can purchase a dog that remains in good health in the coming years. Before completing the transaction, they should inform you of any health issues or genetic conditions.

You can research breeders that are available in the local area by accessing the Labrador Retriever Club’s Breeders Directory. You can refine your search and add filters to make finding the right breeder you can contact more accessible.

Look for a local breeder that is registered to verify their reputability. It’s also essential that the breeder doesn’t have any practices that affect the health of the puppies or their parents.

Only buy a white lab puppy from a breeder willing to show you the parents. This will allow you to confirm that the parents are in good health and have been cared for properly. You can also check for any behavioral or wellness issues by looking at one of the parents.

The Benefits of Owning a White Labrador

Owning a white labrador can allow you to have a dog to show off that is extremely rare and isn’t as common as brown or black labs.

This type of dog is known to be playful, making it an excellent option for families with kids.

The dog has a high energy level and enjoys spending time outdoors, which can be entertaining for children who can grow up bonding with the animal.

Due to the webbed feet of dogs, they enjoy spending time in the water and are known as excellent swimmers. This is ideal if you have a nearby body of water or a pool on your property.

White labs can be a great addition to your home if you’re interested in owning a beautiful dog with a great personality.

The warm and friendly character of white labs is why they continue to remain popular for the last 30 years and why they can have such an impact on their owners’ lives.