Every dog owner knows that the regular brushing of your dog’s coat is an important aspect that can significantly affect their health and appearance.

The act of brushing your dog’s coat can aid in the removal of loose and dead hairs. Indeed, this act has been proven effective by so many dog owners. The only problem now is finding the perfect brush for you and your pet!

Why is there a need to use a dog shedding brush?

One of the top benefits in regularly combing your dog’s coat is that it eliminates dead hairs. As a result, this will keep them staying cooler during the warmer months of the year. In addition, a dog shedding brush can keep your house and clothes free of dog hair.

In an article by Canine Journal, where they discussed the significant differences in products such as Furgopet, Furminator, and Shedmonster, they also talked about how dog shedding brushes can drastically reduce your cleaning time.

Aside from ensuring that it keeps your dog’s coat looking shiny and spiffy, it also eliminates dog hair from going everywhere.

What are the different types of dog brushes in the market?

Before you start buying the first dog brush you see online, you have to make sure that you know what you are looking for.

Furthermore, you have to assess all of the possible options so that you would not miss anything that this product can offer you.

With that in mind, choosing the perfect grooming tool for your dog doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here we have a list of the different types of dog brushes:

  • Grooming Comb
  • De-shedding brushes
  • Moulting dog brush
  • Mat breakers
  • Bristle brush
  • Double-sided brush
  • Rubber brush
  • Slicker brush
  • Flea Comb
  • Undercoat Rake

What are some tips in finding the perfect grooming tool for your dog?

Since a dog brush is to help with your pet’s fur, you can make it a habit to check with your vet or private pet groomers first before saying “yes” to a particular dog shedding brush.

Nonetheless, you can check out Hills Pet’s post on identifying whether or not your pet has sensitive skin as this can hugely impact your choice in buying a grooming tool.

With today’s technological advancement, there have been several variations of dog shedding tools that have recently come out of the market.

Again, shopping for a pet grooming tool doesn’t have to be stressful. You can quickly achieve this with the right amount of research.

Furthermore, you can watch this short YouTube video by Dogtopia Canada if you are still undecided as to what kind of dog brush to get.

What are the top dog brushes to choose from this 2019?

Now that we have laid out the different types of dog brushes as well as mentioned the need to use one, let us proceed to identify some of the top dog shedding tools in the market.

BV Pet Dog Brush

As explained by Hills Pet, dog care should always include grooming practices. A healthy coat’s appearance should be soft and smooth. It should not be greasy nor should it have any strong odor. Achieving this takes patience and consistency.

With the BV Pet Dog Brush, this task has become much easier. Here are the things we like about this brush as well as the things we thought should be improved.

BV Pet Dog Brush

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Why we like them:

  • Perfect for all type of dog breeds.
  • Perfect for all kinds of dog coats.
  • Bristles were efficient in removing dirt, tangles, and any loose hair.
  • It features an ergonomic design that provides an excellent grip.

What we do not like about them:

  • Users have commented on how dogs are not fond of the BV’s wire brush because it is somewhat painful.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Another excellent pet grooming tool is the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. If you are looking for a dual purpose brush, this is it. You can use this shedding brush for either your pet cat or dog.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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Why we like them:

  • Removing the nasty mats out of your pet’s fur has never been this easy with Hertzko.
  • Hertzko brushes are not painful when used on your pets.
  • It presents an easy way of cleaning the brush.
  • It features a comfortable grip and anti-slip handle.

What we do not like about them:

  • Users have commented on how the handle is easily broken and the non-durable head of the brush.

FURminator for Dogs Undercoat Deshedding Tool

The FURminator for Dogs Undercoat Deshedding Tool is one of the top pet grooming tools in the market. The truth is you can never eliminate the shedding of your dog’s hair; this will happen no matter what.

The secret to a less stressful pet owner’s life is the utilization of appropriate tools such as grooming tools.

Most of the time, dog owners will advise that since you can never eliminate the shedding of your dog, you need to vacuum every time they do. What if you have large dogs?

Does this mean you have to devote time and energy every time they shed? With the FURminator, you may no longer need to.

FURminator for Dogs Undercoat Deshedding Tool

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Why we like them:

  • It features a stainless steel edge perfect for deshedding your dogs.
  • It safely and painlessly removes any undercoat, loose, and dead hair.
  • With the FURejector, you can safely release the hair with ease.
  • The ergonomic handle of the FURminator presents an easy to use and comfortable grip.
  • It eliminates any possibility of damaging your pet’s coat.
  • It eliminates any possibility of cutting the skin of your pet while combing through the hair.

What we do not like about them:

  • There isn’t much we do not like about the product; however, we warn customers of any third party sellers that offer low-quality FURminator brushes.

Final thoughts on shopping for the perfect dog grooming brush

A dog brush is more than just a grooming tool; it is a brush that can aid in maintaining a healthy fur coat. Furthermore, shopping for the right one takes time and effort.

Remember, quality trumps quantity. Always choose authentic and high-quality pet grooming tools rather than low-quality and cheap ones.