Labradors are energetic, loyal dogs that can make a perfect fit in a family. Labradors are gentle, smart, and physically capable of performing many grueling tasks.

Labradors learn commands quickly and store plenty of energy to successfully perform them. This had made Labradors one of the top preferred breeds for over 200 years.

Dating back to the 1800s, Labradors were the desired dog to use for retrieving hunted game. When the American Kennel Club recognized the Labrador as a breed in 1913, these dogs were used for dog show purposes.

This means there are two different types of Labrador: the English Labrador and the American Labrador. The English Labrador describes a Labrador used for show purposes, and the American Labrador is used for hunting.

English Labrador

The English Labrador describes Labradors that are intended and used as show dogs. These Labs are typically slightly heavier and shorter than American labs.

As English Labradors are desired for participating in dog shows, they are typically less vocal than American Labs. During the dog’s routine in a show, points will be deducted from the score if the Lab is heard whimpering or barking.

It is important for your Lab to show its prominent features during a show. Your Lab will need to be groomed and his coat as shiny and healthy as possible.

One of the best ways to make sure your Lab’s coat is healthy and shiny is to incorporate a skin and coat supplement in your Lab’s diet.

The K9 POWER Show Stopper Healthy Coat & Skin supplement can be added directly into your dog’s daily food. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the supplement strengthen your Lab’s coat to stay healthy and shine.

If you are not planning on showing your Lab, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose an English Lab.

English Labradors are typically bred from a lineage of show dogs. A pup can inherit the features and characteristics of its show dog ancestors through both looks and personality, but this does not mean you have to enter your Lab in a dog show at all.

If you desire the look of the English Lab with its slightly shorter and stronger build, then you should choose this type of Labrador.

Additionally, the English Lab makes the best choice if you desire a pup that requires less time training and quickly fits in to be the next member of your family.

American Labrador

When you think of a Labrador, you may envision a Lab carrying a duck in its mouth back to its owner after retrieval. These hunting dogs are referred to as the American Labrador; the type of Lab used for hunting and sporting purposes.

Hunting is a popular pastime enjoyed by many. In 2001, it was estimated that approximately 15 million people hunted waterfowl, according to Ducks Unlimited, the world leader in the conservation of wetlands and waterfowl. Many of these hunters use the American Labrador for the retrieval of the downed game.

American Labradors are a smart, energetic breed that allows an owner to use the Lab for many different applications outside of game retrieval.

American Labradors are typically taller than the English Labrador, as well as more energetic. Because American Labradors are bred for hunting purposes, they will require an ample amount of exercise daily.

If an American Labrador does not get regular exercise, they can overeat and lose their zest for life.

As American Labradors are game retrievers, they will naturally chase any squirrel, bird, or other commonly found residential creature.

Keeping your American Labrador on a leash while walking outside is the best way to ensure your Lab does not chase these animals out of your sight.

American Labradors are faithful retrievers. They will not give up on an animal as long as it is in the Lab’s sight or scent.

This can easily lead an American Labrador to traveling long distances or into high-traffic areas. To keep your American Labrador safe, keep him on a leash while walking outside.


Both American and English Labradors can be yellow, chocolate, and black; however, the original and acceptable color among Labs was black.

If a Labrador was any color other than black, they would have been drowned at birth and considered undesirable and impure.

Over time, the genetic composition within the Labrador caused them to produce more chocolate and yellow litters.

These colors were eventually accepted, but black Labradors are the color of choice for show purposes. While a black English Labrador is suitable for dog showing purposes, any color Labrador can make a good hunting retriever.


No matter the use of the Labrador, you will be adding a smart and loyal companion to your family for years to come. Whether you choose an English or American Labrador, there will be a few noticeable variances between the two.

The English Labrador will be slightly shorter and heavier than the American Labrador. Additionally, the English Labrador may be vocally quieter than the American Labrador, as English Labradors are required to remain silent during shows.

English Labradors can also be slightly calmer and less energetic than the American Labrador.

This allows you to enjoy calmer, less physically demanding days with your Labrador. But be careful! Your English Labrador can easily overeat and become bored, causing it to become depressed.

Even if your English Labrador is not as energetic as the American Lab, you still habitually exercise your Lab through walks or games.

The American Labrador is known for its hunting game retrieval and is slightly taller than the English Lab. The American Lab will be more energetic and playful, requiring a more demanding exercise schedule.

Keep your American Labrador happy and healthy by feeding it a well-balanced diet and exercising him daily. Your American Labrador will love to play games, especially fetching games, for him to put into effect his natural retriever abilities.

Regardless of the type of Labrador you choose, you will have a faithful and gentle companion that will devote his life to you and your family.