Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever: Which One Makes a Better Pet?

Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever

The debate between Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers has been going on for decades. Some people don’t even know the differences between these two breeds. But, which is better for you and your household? In this guide, we will look at the major differences between the Golden retriever and Labrador retriever. When considering the breed … Read more

Silver Labs: Striking Gold…or Striking Out

Silver Labrador

From LL Bean catalogs to Norman Rockwell paintings, the Labrador Retriever is a ubiquitous symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. In a way, the Lab informally qualifies as America’s dog. First black, then yellow, then chocolate, Labs have maintained their essential energy, friendliness, and easy-going nature no matter the hue. Yet appearance matters, and dog … Read more

Black Labrador Retriever: Things You Didn’t Know About

Black Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a dog most associated with companionship and loyalty, with a high-spirited affection and devotion to their family. It is a well-rounded dog suitable for just about any dog lover looking for a furry friend. Interestingly enough, there are three main types of Labrador Retrievers. They come in black, chocolate, and yellow … Read more