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Labrador Retriever temperament

The Labrador: Friendly, Eager and Accepting

With the purchase of a purebred dog, one can usually have an idea as to how that individual will act. Although there are differences within an individual, the temperament of the puppy or dog usually mirrors something similar to that of the breed’s standards. But how exactly does a breed […]

are labs good family dogs

Labrador Retriever: Are They Good Dogs for a Family?

Let’s get one thing straight to start with, Labs are cuteness personified. If you’ve ever seen Marley and Me, then you’re probably aware of just how endearing this energetic breed can be. On the same token, however, their temperament can be a little too much to deal with at times. […]

Silver Labrador Retriever

Silver Labs: Striking Gold…or Striking Out

From LL Bean catalogs to Norman Rockwell paintings, the Labrador Retriever is a ubiquitous symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. In a way, the Lab informally qualifies as America’s dog. First black, then yellow, then chocolate, Labs have maintained their essential energy, friendliness, and easy-going natures no matter what the […]

Black Labrador Retriever

Man’s Best Friend – The Black Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a dog most associated with companionship and loyalty, with a high-spirited affection and devotion to their family. It is a well-rounded dog that is suitable to just about any dog lover who is looking for a furry friend. Interestingly enough, there are three main types of […]