Labradors are some of the most active dogs to have as a pet. They are the perfect friend to join you on hikes in the woods or a morning jog down the neighborhood.

This specific breed is known for being easy to train, always ready to please, and does not need severe grooming needs. Caring for most dogs can be tough depending on their breed, coat, and everyday needs.

Labradors are generally easy to groom and care for, but that doesn’t mean there’s no need for a manual. They still require a specific Labrador grooming regimen to properly care for them.

They Only Need to Shower a Few Times a Year

It’s easy to believe that your pet dog needs a shower every day like us humans do, but the truth is that they don’t need to take a shower as often as we think. In fact, Labradors specifically shouldn’t even take a shower more than a few times per year.

The answer can fluctuate because Labradors should be cleaned up and washed in case they get really dirty and running in the mud or the woods. Labradors have an oily component to their coat that allows for more natural water resistance.

Washing your Labrador means you are stopping the hair of its natural oils, and this can potentially cause a dry and brittle coat. Most people have different estimates on how often you should bathe them, but a solid number would be once a month.

If they were to get dirty, try just rinsing them using lukewarm water for a slight rinse. When it’s time for an actual bath, consider using a coconut or mild oatmeal-based dog shampoo that helps maintain the moisture in their skin.

Brush Their Hair at Least Twice a Week

Labradors naturally shed a lot of hair and brushing them should be part of the Labrador grooming process. Brushing consistently allows for the old, old hair to fall away and healthily make way for the new hair. Brushing helps with circulating the natural oils in the fur, so it will help activate new skin cells.

Use a brush that fits their size and coats the best. Utilize circular motions throughout the back of the body to help create that circulation in their hair follicles.

Use One of These Brushes

There are three powerful forms of brushes to use for your Labrador: bristle, slicker, and pin. Bristle brushes are great because they can easily remove the dirt and debris from their fur. For your active dog, this is the right brush to use. Slicker brushes are perfect for removing the extra hair that’s trapped in the first coat.

Some labs will have hair that still needs to be shed and removed but hasn’t fallen out yet, and this brush can get rid of them easily. Pin brushes are just what you need if your dog is constantly getting their fur tangled up. This type of brush cannot dive deep into their coat, so it can only untangle the surface of the fur.

Brushing Their Teeth Daily

Most dog owners focus on their dog’s coat and fur but end up forgetting about the one thing they need to eat and survive- their teeth. Your dog’s teeth should be brushed every single night to get rid of plaque. Dental plaque can develop in their teeth and seep into your dog’s bloodstream and right into their heart, which can eventually lead to heart disease.

Clip Their Nails Every Two Weeks

Labradors are naturally capable of growing their nails faster than most breeds. Long nails for these dogs can be painful for them as they walk because it messes with their footpads and how they touch the ground. Use your nail clipper on your Labrador at least every two weeks.

Nail clippings are scary for a lot of dogs at first, so it’s vital that you take your time and avoid digging too deep when you clip the nails. If you accidentally clip too far, using chapstick can help stop or prevent bleeding of any kind.

Cleaning Their Ears with Cotton Balls

Most people will use earbuds or Q-tips to clean their ears, but Labradors specifically do not enjoy having anything go into their ears. It’s painful and an unnatural feeling for them.

You should use cotton balls to clean the visible parts of the ear. You can ask your vet what specific ear cleaning tool they recommend your dog uses. Deep cleaning of the ears every once in a while, should help maintain the cleanliness of your dog’s ears.

Controlling The Shedding With A Healthy Diet

Labrador grooming, in general, can be a monster of a job, and it’s important that you treat them well to avoid over shedding. Maintain a solid routine of brushing their hair once or twice a week. A strong diet can make a world of difference. Foods with omega fatty acids can help with promoting stronger hair follicles.

Never Shave Your Lab

Your gorgeous Labrador has unique fur with a bright silky smoothness to it. The moment you shave it off, you remove the natural growth of the fur. Whether it’s summer or a hot day, shaving your Labrador’s fur is not going to benefit your dog. They will shed their fur when it naturally happens, so there is no need to do it for them.

Since Labradors are double-coated, they need it to survive the cold weather. The sad truth is that when you shave them once, the fur will grow back in patches and will be uneven. Avoid shaving their fur because their body naturally gets rid of any excess.

These 8 Labrador grooming tips are going to help you properly care for your Labrador and ensure they are groomed just right. It’s not easy caring for certain breeds, and a lab has specific needs that need to be met. Their unique coat and fur are what makes them so great, and it’s vital you care for them the way they need to be using these Labrador grooming tips.