When Should you Spay a Labrador Retriever?

When Should you Spay a Labrador Retriever

When you get a new puppy, your number one priority is to ensure you maintain their health. It involves taking it out for a walk or engaging it in physical activities, feeding it nutritious foods in the correct quantity, scheduling a vet’s appointment, and sometimes spaying. If you are thinking about spaying your Labrador puppy, … Read more

Can You Shave a Labrador Retriever?

Can You Shave a Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are very popular breeds of dogs. It is family-friendly and energetic both at home and on the field. It was initially developed in the united kingdom and used as a fishing and hunting dog. They are now kept as companion dogs, mainly in the west. A Labrador’s Double Coat A Labrador retriever has … Read more

When do Labrador Retrievers Stop Growing?

When do Labrador Retrievers Stop Growing

In most cases, when people are trying to acquire a Labrador dog, they are often aware that they will not have a little dog. This breed is generally cute, making it irresistible to most of us. The Labrador retriever is energetic, loyal, and easy to train, requiring space to move around. Why do Labrador retrievers … Read more

How Cold Can a Labrador tolerate?

how cold can labs tolerate

Labradors can tolerate frigid temperatures exceptionally well. Your dog will start to shiver, which is necessary for producing heat when the temperature decreases below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It will require extra calories to eat to preserve its body temperature. The health of your Labrador should be your primary priority. Regardless of his age, keep him … Read more

Are Labrador Retrievers Smart?

Are Labrador Retrievers Smart

The issue of intelligence is a common question among individuals or families planning to own a dog. After all, if you desire your pet to be your best friend, guard, and companion, it is only right to choose the smartest one. Labrador Retrievers are famous for their friendliness, energy, and companionship, but are they intelligent? … Read more

How Much Does a White Labrador Cost?

How Much Does a White Labrador Cost

The Overall Cost of Owning a White Labrador Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds to own due to their playful and energetic personalities, which makes them a great addition to different types of families. The adorable appearance of labs also makes them in demand by people who are dog lovers and want … Read more