Beagle Vs Labrador: The Ultimate Showdown!

Back in the day, people adopted strays or picked a puppy when a friend’s dog had pups.

Today, families and singles want to know the dog’s temperament, common characteristics to the breed, and how much care they need. Above all, people want to know if the dog is friendly.

Two of the happiest and friendliest breed of dogs are the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever. Although vastly different in looks, both are energetic dogs with the sweetest natures.

Both dogs were bred to hunt: the Lab for fish and ducks, and the Beagle for the game. What are the traits of these dogs?


To most people, Snoopy embodies their idea of a Beagle, and rightly so. Beagles stand a foot to 15 inches high at the shoulder and weigh in at 25 to 30 pounds.

The floppy ears, spots, and the merrily wagging tail are endearing characteristics of the breed.

If you aren’t the active type or don’t like to take long walks, run, or play outdoor games, then you won’t want a Beagle.

The breed is very active and loves to run and play. They were bred to hunt, so they need lots of activity with a chance to use their noses.

A Nose With Feet

According to Vetstreet, Beagles were born to sniff. Put up the trash can, and don’t leave within reach of the dog any food.

As much as they love to hunt, they love to eat, too, and will sniff out what smells good. Then they’ll find a way to get it, so beware.

The dog is basically owned by his nose. He’ll follow a captivating scent anywhere. He’ll sniff through traffic, across the hills, and swimming a creek to follow that scent. You might consider a fenced yard to keep him from harm.

The Family Instinct

He’ll need plenty of room to run around for exercise and sniff around for the hunt. Don’t tie him to something or confine him to a doghouse.

Just as he needs room to run, he needs someone to love. Keep him in the house with people who love him. Beagles have a deep sense of the “pack,” so they need families who love them.

Since Beagles are “pack”-oriented, they make the perfect pet for those with small children. They’re the right size for a toddler to hug.

Beagles make the right pet for active singles or couples who enjoy walking, running, or outdoor games. The dog will have activity and a chance to sniff that they so love to do.

Seniors will love Beagles because the walks are good for both. Seniors won’t mind slowing down so the dog can sniff to his heart’s content. Consequently, Beagles won’t pull over a senior as a bigger, muscular dog might do.


Beagles are smart dogs. If they don’t do as you command when you command it, know that he is figuring out how to get what he wants before he responds to your command. He isn’t ignoring you. He is using his smarts with his desires first and yours second.

Labrador Retrievers

Labs wear various hats. They are well fitted to be drug-sniffing dogs, hunting dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, and rescue dogs. Labrador retrievers love to run and play, hunt, and do anything with his pet parents.

Labs were bred in Newfoundland to fetch ducks and the fish that fell out of the nets. They couldn’t be named for the country of their origins, because there was already a dog called a “Newfie.”

Subsequently, this new breed of dog was called “Labrador” for the sea in which he worked.

The Lab’s coat consists of a woolly coat just over his skin and a short, wiry coat over that. The second coat is oily, which means water runs right off him.

This is why he can fetch ducks and fish in water so well; his skin will never get wet due to the waterproof top coat.

Labs Are Good For Everyone

Do you have teenagers? Are your children past the toddler stage but not quite a teen or a tween? Perhaps you’re an active single or couple who would love to have an active and loving dog.

Seniors would be a good fit for the Lab as well due to the Lab’s sweet nature and gentleness. A Lab won’t take the senior for a walk or pull them over.

Active And Athletic

Labrador retrievers are active, athletic animals. The love a mad game of fetch, and if you let them loose to run, watch as their bodies stretch out into a dead run.

The spare hindquarters are built just for that. The muscular shoulders push them off the ground to catch the Frisbee or the tennis ball.


Labrador retrievers are the friendliest of animals, loving to introduce themselves to everyone. If they have no one near with which to interact, they’ll “talk” to any dog in the neighborhood.

If your neighbors aren’t fond of yappy dogs, then you’ll need to train the Lab not to talk so much or use Lylyzoo Anti Barking Device.

The Family Instinct

Labs are so friendly and outgoing that putting them outdoors in a doghouse would make them think they’d done something wrong.

Labs need to be indoors with a family so he can bond with them. They’re intelligent dogs who need interaction with their people.

Final Thoughts

Very few dog breeds can be all things to all people. Beagles and Labrador retrievers, however, can answer almost all points to almost all people.

They are both sweet, loving, even-tempered breeds of dog. They are both intelligent and learn quickly.

They are both athletic animals, but won’t pull you along when you walk with them. This makes them well suited to older people or those with disabilities.

Both are family-oriented and protective of their people. Now all you need to choose is the color of your dog!