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Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Winter Time

Best Heated Dog House

When you own a dog, it can be difficult having the dog inside your house all the time. And you may think that you have to keep your dog inside because of the weather outside. But purchasing a dog house might be a good consideration for you.

Whether you live in a warmer or cooler climate, having an insulated dog house can be beneficial because it allows for you to keep your pet outside for long periods of time while also giving them their freedom. But finding the right dog house for your specific needs can be difficult.

Why you need a heated dog house

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing a dog house. For instance, you may need a heated dog house because you want to give your dog more freedom to go outside in the snow and inside a heated house on their own.

Or you may consider a heated dog house if you work during the day and can’t be home every few hours to let your dog out to go to the bathroom.

Or you simply may consider a heated dog house if your dog is made to be outside in the cold, but you don’t want to be outside all the time with your dog.

By having a heated dog house, you’re allowing your dog to have the freedom to choose when they want to go outside in the cold and when they want to be in a warmer environment.

Heated dog houses give dogs the freedom to make these choices while also allowing them to be protected from unfortunate weather, such as rain, snow, and colder temperatures.

Not only this, but heated dog houses are also usually insulated so they can be used during warmer weather too without the heated component.

Types of dogs that are made for colder climates

You may wonder whether your dog’s specific breed would benefit more from being in cooler environments or not.

Because of this, here are some of the most common dog breeds that are made to be out in the colder weather.

The PEDIGREE Foundation claims that these breeds would benefit most from having a heated dog shed so they can choose whether they want to be in the snow or in a warmer environment.

Sitstay claims that Siberian Huskies are the most common breed that enjoys the snow because of their double fur coat.

Secondly, the Alaskan Malamute can withstand cooler weather because of its long, heavy coat. Additionally, Saint Bernard and the Tibetan Terrier enjoy cooler climates because they have giant fur coats and were originally from snowy environments.

Lastly, the Akita is a dog breed that has thick fur and was originally used for hunting in cooler environments.

What to look for when shopping for heated dog houses

Before purchasing a heated dog house, there are some additional factors you should consider. For instance, you should think about what size house you need.

Sit Means Sit states that you should consider the size of your dog and then think about how often they are going to be in the dog house.

If they’ll mainly be in there for the cooler months, then consider a large dog house so they have room to feel comfortable.

In addition to this, you should also consider what type of heat the dog house is powered by as well as its heating range.

If you live in a climate where the weather gets extremely cold, then you may want to consider a dog house that can accommodate your dog’s needs during the colder weather.

You should also consider the type of door that the dog house has. Depending on the weather in your location, you should consider a closing door in cooler climates and maybe even a flap in climates that aren’t as cold.

Lastly, you should consider what material the dog house is made out of. Plastic dog houses tend to be cheaper and easier to clean.

Wooden dog houses are more expensive and stable when dealing with a wider range of climate conditions. And metal dog houses don’t insulate very effectively and are more of a temporary option.

This YoutTube video gives additional tips to follow when you’re shopping for a heated dog house.

Best Heated Dog House’s

1. ASL Solutions Insulated Dog House

This dog house is beneficial for your dog because it contains foam insulation in every panel of the shed, and it also contains a closing, insulated door that is easy to pass-through.

This god house is recommended for locations that contain cold climates. Additionally, this dog house is able to fit a wide variety of dogs.

ASL Solutions Insulated Dog House

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  • Contains insulated windows
  • Presents a sloped floor with a drain hole
  • Includes a floor heater


  • More expensive than the other houses

2. K&H Pet Products Igloo Style Heated Pad

This dog house is smaller and presents a half-round shape that takes up a small amount of space. Additionally, this house can be used either indoors or outdoors and comes with a free fleece cover.

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  • MET safety listed
  • Contains an internal thermostat that warms up only to the dog’s normal body temperature
  • Easy to clean


  • Contains no flap or door
  • Can’t fit larger dogs

3. Solid Wood Heated Extra Large Dog House

This dog house is beneficial for your dog because it contains more than one dog house, and they’re detachable from each other for your convenience. Additionally, this dog house contains full insulation and can easily be installed in minutes.

Solid Wood Heated Extra Large Dog House

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  • Solid wood construction keeps warm air in
  • Contains vents to promote good air flow


  • Includes flaps instead of solid doors
  • More expensive than the other houses