Dogs are our best friends, but we all know that relationships can get complicated. Sometimes, even our closest friends do something we don’t like. If you’re not ready to break up with your best friend, maybe it’s time to consider other options.

Have you thought about getting a dog proof trash can? A dog proof trash can could be just the solution you’re looking for.

What makes a dog become so attracted to trash cans?

Often, it happens when we’re away for long periods of time, like when we’re at work at the office. Veterinarians advised that dogs will show inappropriate behavior for a myriad of reasons, sometimes it’s boredom, or baby or maybe your dog is looking for I’m more interesting kind of food. Be sure to remember the dogs, as much as we made love them, are directly descended from wolves.

What we think of is smelly and disgusting trash seems like a cornucopia terrific foods to our dogs. As a result, your dog can’t help treat himself, especially when you’re not looking. There are a number of tips and tricks you can try to try to change your dog’s Behavior.

1. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of stimulation and physical exercise throughout the day. 

It’s common that our dogs receive a lot of love from us, the human members of the family, but we don’t always ensure that our dogs get the amount of exercise they truly need for optimal health.

In some ways, your dog is like a small child. It’s best that you rotate his favorite dog toys and take him for frequent walks around the neighborhood or even to the park. The more stimulation your dog receives, the less the trash will be a temptation for him.

2. Try making your trash unappealing to your dog. ways that you can do this, like altering the descent of the trash.

Cesar the Dog Dog Whisperer suggests that you use vinegar or ammonia, mixing it with water, and putting it in a spray bottle.

You can spritz a few sprays of vinegar or ammonia around your trash can, like onto a paper towel and leave it in the vicinity of your trash.

A second option is to spritz a paper towel and put it directly on the top of the trash heap, so it’s the first sent your dog will experience as he approaches the trash.

Now, this technique does not work on all dogs, but it does work on many. It’s definitely a technique worth trying.

3. Make the trash and appealing to your dog by incorporating a diversion tactic. 

Some people use a pop-up Halloween toy that is motion-sensored. When your dog approaches the trash, she will receive an unexpected scare.

Other people try the old-school technique of hiding mouse traps around the facility at the trash or on top of the trash can lid.

When the dog tries to get into your trash can, she’s in for a shocking surprise. We’re including this video of a pet expert, and she discusses techniques you can use to keep your dog away from the trash using aversion therapy.

Of course, the mouse traps will not actually injure your dog; however, the sudden movement of the trap snapping shut will be enough to alarm your canine companion.

4. In combination with the other techniques, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality dog proof trash can. There are certain aspects you want to look for in your next trash can. 

  • Make sure you choose a trash can with a lid that can be closed tightly.
  • It’s a good idea to choose a trash can with an extremely heavy lid, and you may even want to consider getting a trash can with a lid that can lock or latch.
  • Consider getting a trash can that is very difficult to knock over. Make it heavy with the majority of the weight near the bottom, or get a trash can that has stabilizing legs on it.
  • We recommend that you stay away from the lightweight or plastic trash can. If your trash can is too lightweight, such as one made of plastic, it’s too easy for your dog to knock over.
  • Many people recommend that you purchase a tall trash can, especially for the kitchen trash. If you have a shorter dog, obtaining a taller trashcan will make it more difficult for your dog to access the trash.

Here are 5 trash cans that we recommend, and we’ll review the best features or potential drawbacks for each.

1. The simplehuman 58 Liter or 15.3 Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can

Features include that it has a heavier weight and a closed lid that your dog can’t access. It’s touch-free and has two compartments and is constructed of stainless steel to give it more endurance.

You’ll be getting the higher quality that you’re paying for. Additionally, the rectangular shape will make it more difficult for your dog to tip over.

The simplehuman 58 Liter

Check the prices on Amazon

2. The BINO Stainless 1.3 Gallon or 5 Liter Step Trash Can 

This trash can is a good option to consider for a bedroom or bathroom. It’s small but because it’s made with a higher grade material and has a lid, it will be more challenging for your dog to access. A great value for such high quality.

The BINO Stainless

Check the prices on Amazon

3. The Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway Trash Can 

This trash can is a perfect example of one that is tall, so it’s harder for a short dog to get into. It’s rectangular and therefore very to tip over.

While it’s billed as an outdoor trash can, its attractive appearance means you can use it either indoors or outdoors. Cons? It’s a high profile trash can, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for a small apartment kitchen.

The Suncast Outdoor Trash

Check the prices on Amazon

4. SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can

Double Recycle Pedal Bin, with 2 – 30L Garbage Bins, Plastic Inner Buckets, and a Carry Handle. Made of finger-proof stainless steel.

This is a premium trash can. The stainless steel and the rectangle shape will make this trash can almost impossible to knock over.

The heavy self-closing and self-opening will make it almost impenetrable for your dog. Another plus? It will keep any smells out of your kitchen.

SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can

Check the prices on Amazon

5. The Rubbermaid Animal Stopper Trash Can in 32 Gallon size

This trash can is a perfect size for outdoors. It will not only keep your dog out, it will also keep out any raccoons, opossum or coyotes.

The lid is sturdy and doesn’t just close, but it actually locks. Yet it’s still easy for the trash collectors to open when needed. This trash can will get the job done.

The Rubbermaid Animal Stopper Trash Can

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