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The Best Container for Keeping Your Dog’s Food Safe

Best Dog Food Container

When you buy a big bag of dried doggy chow, it’s tempting to just rip the bag open and leave a scooper inside. Placed underneath a kitchen counter, the bag is both out of sight and out of mind.

So, what’s the point of buying a container to hold your dog’s food?

There are several reasons, actually.

Why Buy a Dry Food Container?

Like any other meal meant to be consumed, if you leave dog food out long enough, it’s going to go bad.

Sure, dogs might have sturdier stomachs than their human owners do, but that doesn’t mean it’s fine to feed them spoiled food. Keeping your dog’s dry food safety is important for their continued health and happiness.

Dog food containers help with that by keeping your stored dog food away from the three causes of spoilage.


While not immediately threatening, an unsealed bag will allow your dog’s food to grow stale regardless of how well you roll up the bag.

Beyond growing less palatable, contact with open air will begin breaking down the nutritional value of dog food as well as expose it to possible bacterial contamination.


More of an immediate cause for concern in humid climates, wet dog food is a perfect place for mold to grow. If possible, dog food should be stored in a cool and dry area. The use of a container will aid in keeping out moisture as well.


Heat by itself is a problem, but if you mix it together with humidity, your dog’s bag of lunch is going to spoil in a hurry. Like any other kind of food, a higher temperature is going to cause dog food to spoil faster.

An airtight container can help remedy this issue by keeping the bacteria that’ll break down your dog’s food, out.

The Contenders for the Throne

#1 simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can

It’s hard to get better than this while remaining relatively affordable. This container is made of stainless steel that ensures your dog’s food will remain protected from the elements, pests, and even your dog if he or she’s the rambunctious sort.

If you’re looking for a durable, fresh looking container to store your dog’s chow in, this is a fantastic option.

simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can

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  • Being made of durable and sleek stainless steel, this container is built to last
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Dual purpose lock handle that renders the container airtight
  • The storage capacity of 40 pounds on the largest option
  • Easily transportable with integrated rear wheels
  • Magnetic lid-mounted scooper
  • Has a pleasing, modern aesthetic compared to plastic models


  • On the expensive side
  • Less maneuverable than a model with four wheels
  • Might be confused for the garbage can at first glance
  • It’s hard to tell how much food is left inside without opening the lid

#2 IRIS USA, INC. Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Sometimes it’s better to improve on simplicity than focusing on aesthetics. This container comes in six different sizes and sufficiently protects the nutritional value of your dog food. Made up of BPA-free plastic, you won’t have to worry about chemical contaminants either.

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

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  • The translucent container makes it easy to determine how much dog food is left in the bin
  • Airtight seals anchored by pest resistant latches
  • Comes in multiple sizes with the largest storing up to 54 pounds
  • Designed to stack with other IRIS storage containers regardless of size
  • Four detachable roller wheels allow easy transportation
  • Plenty of opportunities to record your dog watching the container with puppy eyes


  • Isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other options
  • Larger containers might be pushed over by bigger dog breeds
  • The translucent container may tempt your dog when you’re not around
  • Needs to be unstacked if you want to reach any lower containers

#3 Vittles Vault Outback 40 Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container

Much like the previous option, the Outback 40 is a stackable container. This product, however, is designed so that you don’t have to unstack it to reach food held in a separate container.

The Outback 40 is a great option if you have multiple pets in the home with different dietary needs.

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container

Check the prices on Amazon


  • Versatile, stackable container designed for ease of use
  • Locking lid mechanism keeps dog food fresh and is difficult for animals to open
  • Angled lid allows the removal of dog food without having to open a top lid
  • Built-in handles allow for ease of transport
  • Maximum storage of 60 pounds for the largest model
  • Made of BPA free plastic


  • Lacks roller wheels to help move it around the house
  • The design might make it harder for small children to use
  • Non-translucent material makes it difficult to gauge the food level with a glance

#4 Buddeez Medium Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container with Flip Lid and Pour Spout for Pet Food and Bird Seed

This item has something of an ingenious design philosophy that calls out to the lazy pet owner. A bag in a type of container, all you need to do is place your newly purchased bag of dog food inside of it, rip the top open, and pop the lid back on. All you need to do afterward is lift up the flip lid, and tilt the container by the handle of your dog’s food bowl.

Buddeez Medium Fresh Dry Dog

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  • On the cheap end of the spectrum
  • The maximum storage capacity of up to 12 pounds
  • Dog food remains doubly protected by the airtight lid in conjunction with the original food bag
  • BPA plastic free construction
  • Handle and built-in feeding lid makes it easy to pour out the kibble for your dog
  • Smaller sized and easier to handle


  • Doesn’t hold as much dog food as the other top picks
  • Is more difficult to measure an exact amount of food than using a scooper
  • Might be easier for your dog to knock over and flip the lid than the other listed items
  • Doesn’t have wheels for ease of transportation