One of life’s greatest rewards can come from the companionship of man’s best friend, and what better friend to have than a Labrador! If you are adding a furry friend to your life, consider the benefits of adopting a Labrador rescue. Rescuing a fully grown Labrador can be beneficial to both you and the rescued Lab.

If you are unsure why you should adopt a Labrador rescue, take a look at these 5 reasons you should adopt a Labrador rescue today.

1. The Dog Needs a Home

With such high demand, Labrador puppies may be sold before they are even born. If a puppy’s preliminary owner is unable to follow through with the purchase, there will be another family next in line to take the puppy. There is typically never a shortage of buyers interested in purchasing a Labrador puppy, making the puppies need for a home inexistent.

Unlike most puppies, a Labrador rescue does not have a home. As Labradors are loyal, loving dogs, they thrive when they are part of a family. You will be fulfilling the Labrador rescue’s basic necessities by providing the rescue with a family and a home.

2. Minimal Training

When you bring a Labrador puppy home, you need to begin a variety of training, such as housebreaking, leash training, and behavior training. With a Labrador rescue, there will be no weeks and months dedicated to training the dog. This means no late-night potty trips outside, no half-eaten shoes, and no stressful walks on the leash.

Your Labrador rescue will become a part of your family, knowing the basic commands and behaviors that take months of training to accomplish with a puppy. Your Labrador rescue will quickly catch on to your voice and your commands.

3. Vaccinations and Care

Labrador puppies require many vaccinations during their first few weeks of life. As Parvo is a deadly virus that affects unvaccinated dogs and puppies under four months old, it is imperative to take your puppy to the vet as soon as possible for these vaccinations.

Taking your puppy to the vet for routine vaccinations and procedures can be costly. Adding a Lab rescue to your family alleviates much of the financial burden you would face when providing health care for a Labrador puppy.

In addition to vaccines, you should also consider spaying or neutering your puppy. Unless the seller has already spayed or neutered your puppy, this responsibility will fall on you. While this procedure can be costly, there are resources available that offer affordable options.

Adopting a Labrador rescue alleviates much of the financial burden of vaccinations and procedures that many puppy owners face.

4. Surrendered Labs are not Misbehaved Labs

Labradors are loyal, friendly companions with a gentle nature, which is why they make great pets. Typically, Labradors are not surrendered due to behavior issues.

One reason that Labradors are surrendered is because of a lifestyle change that has occurred in the owner’s life. The owner may be moving to a location that prohibits pets, or there may have been a death in the family that prevents the owner from continuing to care for the dog.

Sometimes the reason for surrendering a Lab is more malicious. An owner may have begun neglecting the dog once it outgrew the puppy stage. Unfortunately, many dog owners believe they will keep a Labrador forever because of the irresistibility of the puppy. When the puppy is full-grown, and the newness of the dog wears off, a dog owner may decide to give up a perfectly happy, healthy, smart Labrador in need of a family.

Adopting a Labrador that has been removed from its family will generally cause the dog to immediately bond with its new family. A Labrador rescue wants to become part of a family again, so they will love deeply and loyally to make sure they never return to homelessness.

Labradors that have been surrendered to local animal shelters may face imminent euthanasia due to the population of the shelter or the length of time the dog has stayed.

Saving a life by adopting a Labrador also allows another dog to be available for adoption. As the Labrador’s spot has been vacated, a new dog in need of a home can take its place to be featured for adoption.

A Labrador rescue is in desperate need of a home. Moreover, they desire a home where they can become a member of the family. Adopting a rescue Labrador will not only save its life but also help save the life of another dog in need of a home.

Life after Adoption

Fully grown and senior Labradors bring fulfillment and joy to those who rescue them. If you are on the fence about adopting a Labrador, talk to someone who has adopted a Labrador in need of a home. If you are unable to talk to someone, read personal testimonies about life after adoption.

The book 84 Paws by Barbara Travis Osgood tells true stories about the adoption of 21 Labrador rescues. These stories describe the many different experiences and contributions that Labrador rescues bring to the table. You may consider adopting a Labrador as a companion and realize your Labrador rescue brings a variety of other qualities you never considered.

Labradors are smart, versatile dogs that hold many hidden talents. Both practical and entertaining, the book 101 Uses for a Lab discusses the various roles that your Labrador may play in your life.

Adopt a Labrador Rescue Today

Adopting a Labrador is a reward for both you and rescue. You are giving the Labrador the home and family that they do not have. In turn, your Lab is giving you devoted companionship and loyalty for being its new owner.

A Labrador rescue will immediately strive to become a member of your family. Adopting a Labrador rescue today is an admirable and rewarding way to add a furry companion to your family by helping reduce pet homelessness.