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12 Durable, Safe & Engaging Chew Toys For Lab Puppies

12 best chew toys for lab puppies

Lab puppies tend to go into overdrive when it comes to chewing. Chewing is how they first learn about and explore their world, so it’s natural.

However, when they start teething, they have more of an urge to chew. It’s almost as if it’s an obsession for them.

Again, it’s a natural urge that they have, especially since they will have inflamed and sore gums with new adult teeth breaking through and only find relief when they chew on something to soothe the pain.

Many pet owners see their Lab puppy destroying furniture, chewing on remotes, furniture legs, shoes, and more during the teething stage.

Remember that if your puppy gets away with something like this, it can lead to a rewarding situation that could quickly turn into a lifelong habit because they start to seek out that reward repeatedly.

Your job as a puppy owner is to manage the chewing situation. It would be best if you supervised and intervened when your Lab chewed on your things and pointed them toward appropriate toys they can play with instead.

With so many different chew toys, how do you know which ones are the best for your Lab puppy? In this article, you’ll learn about 12 of the best chew toys for Lab puppies you can find on the market today.

Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies

N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring

n bone puppy teething ring

Edible doesn’t mean soft and weak, and these chicken-flavored teething rings prove that edible can also mean long-lasting and tough.

These teething rings are also available in pumpkin flavor, but the chicken flavor is the one that most puppies love.


  • Easy for a puppy to hold in place while chewing.
  • The light and fun shape that’s easy for your puppy to carry around.
  • Low fat and gluten-free.
  • It is fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids.


  • It can be chewed down to small pieces, so you should supervise your puppy chewing this teething ring, so this treat doesn’t become a choking hazard.

KONG Puppy Toy

kong puppy toy

KONG is a leader in the dog toy industry because they make various toys known for their entertainment and durability for dogs and puppies.

KONG toys are made from long-lasting rubber designed to last for years, even with the constant chewing they might receive.

While they aren’t indestructible, it’s very uncommon and difficult for a puppy to tear anything off for it to become a choking hazard.

However, you must ensure you purchase the correct size for your dog (large for Labs and other large breeds).


  • It is made from tough, durable rubber, which is safe for your Lab to chew on and will outlast aggressive chewers.
  • Hollow, so you can stuff treats or peanut butter into the hole and then freeze to keep your puppy occupied for hours as they try to get the treats out. Plus, the cold will help soothe their inflamed gums.
  • Because of the uneven shape of this toy, it has an unpredictable bounce which adds more entertainment to a game of fetch.


  • If this toy isn’t stuffed with treats and is overused, some puppies grow bored of this toy because they can’t rip it up, and it makes no noise.

KONG Goodie Bone

kong goodie bone

The Goodie Bone is incredibly tough and resilient and is made by the KONG company.

While it might be too large for younger puppies to carry around, they will still love chewing on this bone.

The shape of this chew toy gives your puppy a better chance to grip the toy and start chewing, whereas other toys might be difficult for your puppy to tie down. This aspect alone is a huge bonus.

The standout feature of this KONG Goodie Bone is that you can stuff treats in each of the ends of the bone to occupy your puppy for hours.


  • Made from Kong’s famous hard-wearing rubber, it’s safe for even the toughest chewers.
  • It can be left in your puppy’s crate – it’s safe!
  • An interactive toy that can be frozen and stuffed to keep your puppy busy for hours.
  • If stuffed and then frozen, it can relieve some of the pain your Lab is experiencing with its inflamed gums.


  • Again, made from such tough material that it can’t be destroyed, nor does it make any noise or squeak, so if overused, your puppy can grow bored.

West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball

This ball is designed to have an unpredictable bounce that will make your dog crazy with excitement.

You might even notice that it ignites their innate drive and fire for “chase.” It even fits into a Chuckit Ball Launcher that will give your dog a workout.

The Jive Zogoflex ball is made in Bozeman, Montana, and the manufacturer stands behind the construction of this ball with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Another great feature of this ball is that the colors will stand out in nearly every situation, which makes it so that you won’t lose it as quickly.


  • The grooves of this ball give it a wacky bounce that your dog will love
  • Made from an exclusive material that makes chew therapy, tug of war, and fetch much more fun.
  • It is made from 100 percent recyclable, BPA-and-phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA-compliant.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.


  • Some buyers say the ball is too heavy and doesn’t bounce as well as advertised.

Multipet Nuts for Knots

multipet nuts for knots

This ball is designed using a knotted rope that will be a long-lasting toy for your Lab for only a couple of dollars. While it has no flavor or squeakers, many dogs still love chewing on this knotted rope ball.

It provides a way to release pent-up energy and massage the sore teething gums while also cleaning tartar buildup from the chewing surface.

This Nuts for Knots ball is one of the best rope toys out there, even better than a knotted bar rope which can turn into a game of tug of war games – which aren’t recommended for puppies.

Most buyers were satisfied with the long life of this ball, but if your puppy is a heavy chewer, it might not last as long for them.


  • Puppies will love sinking their teeth into this ball
  • Tough construction
  • Fun to fetch and chew
  • Durable and colorful
  • It keeps puppies entertained for hours


  • The medium size of this ball can be too large for puppies to play with

Nylabone Key Ring Bone

nylabone key ring bone

The Nylabone Key Ring Bone is designed to give your Lab puppy a great object to chew on.

All of the keys have texture and feature different nubs and grooves to help alleviate some of the pain that they might be experiencing with their teething gums. The basic shape of this toy allows your dog to manage a good grip on the keys.

As with several chewing toys, you’ll want to supervise your dog while they are chewing on this.

Some buyers have reported that the keys broke, leaving small pieces of plastic behind that could become a choking hazard.

You should inspect this toy regularly and get rid of it if it’s showing signs of breakage or is too worn out.


  • Positive play teaches your dog healthy chewing habits
  • Keeps your puppy happy, busy, and entertained
  • The ridges and nubs help to clean your dog’s teeth
  • Vet-recommended


  • There have been some reports of keys breaking into small pieces

Himalayan Dog Chew

himalayan dog hew

This natural, long-lasting, edible chew is made from lime juice, salt, cow milk, and yak. It’s a hard cheese that is safe for dogs to eat and doesn’t spoil.

This chew treat is made without preservatives, binders, gluten, or grains. They have a slightly smoky smell that will make your puppy like their chops from the moment you open this chew toy.

With this treat, your dog must persistently chew to soften the ends enough to be able to get off a little piece.

It’s rare that chew splinters, but it can happen, so you should watch your dog as they chew on this toy.

Also, overeating these treats can cause stomach problems, so you might want to watch your puppy to ensure they aren’t overeating this treat.


  • Made from 100 percent yak and cow milk, salt, and lime juice
  • All-natural treat
  • Great for removing plaque and promoting oral health
  • Low odor and non-staining
  • Fully digestible


  • It can splinter into small pieces
  • Too much of these treats can cause tummy problems

West Paw Tux Dog Chew

west paw tux dog chew

This chew toy is made from non-toxic materials, so you can be sure it’s safe for your Lab puppy to be chewing on.

You can use this toy to play fetch or put treats in the center. It also floats! This is perfect for dogs, like Labs, who love to swim.

The West Paw Tux Dog Chew is designed to be incredibly durable; people have bought this toy for avid chewing breeds (like Labs) and have been surprised that the toy lasted past the first day – some even say it lasted for months!

West Paw is sure that their toys are durable and that they back these toys with a replacement guarantee.


  • Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • It can be filled with treats


  • They are not designed for aggressive chewers or destroyers.

Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy

benebone wishbone chew toy

They are designed to be enjoyable and flavored with peanut butter or real bacon.

Puppies will love chewing on this toy because it’s easy for them to hold down and chew on.

Plus, it’s made from durable materials that won’t break off easily, making it safe enough to place in their crate.


  • Durable
  • Easy for your puppy to hold down
  • Flavored with peanut butter or bacon
  • Strong enough to be left with your puppy unsupervised
  • Made in the USA


  • Made of nylon, which can be a little harder than other chew toys
  • Not an edible toy

Nylabone Puppy Starter Pack

nylabone puppy starter pack

You get three types of bone-shaped toys in this package, so your puppy will have plenty to chew on.

Even an edible chew will provide a savory, tasty treat; the other two are teething bones.

These bones aren’t completely indestructible, and two aren’t designed to be ingested.

You might want to supervise your dog while chewing on these toys to ensure they don’t break off any parts and ingest them.


  • It comes with three different bone chews
  • Durable and entertaining
  • There is an edible treat
  • It gives your other dog bones to choose from


  • Two of these bones aren’t designed to be ingested

Nylabone Healthy Edible Done Treats

nylabone healthy edible done treats

Large dog breeds will have this bone gone in no time, but this is a great chew toy choice for puppies and smaller breeds.

The Lamb and Apple flavor is the most popular choice for these bones, especially since the sweet potato flavor can lead to staining on your carpet or pet’s fur.

How fast your puppy eats these treats depends on their chewing habits. Some buyers have been disappointed that these chews don’t last very long: the very reason these are only recommended for puppies.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • No added salt, artificial flavors, or sugar
  • Enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • Gentle enough for puppies at least three months old


  • If your dog is an aggressive chewer, these treats will be gone in minutes

Jim Hodges Dog Training Elk Antlers

jim hodges dog training elk antlers

Antlers are great chew toys for puppies because they contain plenty of naturally occurring minerals and feature a natural treatment in the middle: marrow.

They’re also great for puppies because they come as split antlers, which make it easier for small puppies to chew on, unlike full antlers.

Deer or elk antlers are a cleaner option for puppy chews, unlike rawhides of bully sticks.

Because they are a natural material, which makes them safer for your dog to ingest, unlike plastic toys – but you should keep an eye on your dog while chewing on this antler. Some antler toys have been known to split into small fragments.


  • Last for a long time
  • No sticky, stinky, greasy mess on your hands or floor
  • A fantastic source of naturally occurring minerals
  • Small enough for puppy jaws


  • It can break into smaller fragments, which becomes a choking hazard.

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