When Should you Spay a Labrador Retriever?

When Should you Spay a Labrador Retriever

When you get a new puppy, your number one priority is to ensure you maintain their health. It involves taking it out for a walk or engaging it in physical activities, feeding it nutritious foods in the correct quantity, scheduling a vet’s appointment, and sometimes spaying. If you are thinking about spaying your Labrador puppy, … Read more

Can You Shave a Labrador Retriever?

Can You Shave a Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are very popular breeds of dogs. It is family-friendly and energetic both at home and on the field. It was initially developed in the united kingdom and used as a fishing and hunting dog. They are now kept as companion dogs, mainly in the west. A Labrador’s Double Coat A Labrador retriever has … Read more