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how many teeth do dogs have

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Whether you are a long term dog owner or new to the game, the fact remains that there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to caring for your best friend. There are vet visits, feeding, walks to take, housebreaking, and even scheduled playtimes to consider. It’s […]

how often should you wash your dog

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Be honest – how much do you enjoy washing your dog? Based on the observation of all that takes place during a bathing session; dogs don’t much enjoy this activity. It’s messy, the dog won’t sit still, and no matter how much you love lathering him/her up with shampoo and […]

labrador sleeping too much when to get concerned

Labrador Sleeping Too Much? When to Get Concerned

Before dogs became man’s best friend, they were wild and roamed vast tracts of land hunting and grouping in packs to defend themselves. While it’s true that most dog species have been domesticated now and are sweet, lovable creatures, they still have that natural instinct that made them such formidable […]

does your lab pull best harness for labs

Does Your Lab Pull? Best Harness for Labs

Do you ever wish you could, for once, go on a leisurely walk with your beloved Labrador without him/her pulling you at an unsustainable pace? Labradors, like most dog breeds, tend to be generally very active animals. This is particularly true when you take them out for a walk or […]

dog kong toys for labs

Dog Kong Toys for Labs

Dog KONG toys have long been respected and trusted when it comes to enrichment toys. The number of KONG dog toys might be overwhelming at first, especially if you’re a new dog owner – that’s where this article comes into play. One of the most important things that you need […]

what is a miniature labrador

What Is a Miniature Labrador?

The Labrador retriever is a large dog breed with a weight range between 55 – 80 pounds. While a Labrador’s personality is a desirable trait for families, their size may overshadow many other qualities. Large dog breeds may be less likely to become an indoor household pet because of their […]

how many different types of labrador are there

How Many Different Types of Labrador Are There?

Labradors are energetic, loyal dogs that can make a perfect fit in a family. Labradors are gentle, smart, and physically capable of performing many grueling tasks. Labradors learn commands quickly and store plenty of energy to successfully perform them. This had made Labradors one of the top preferred breeds for […]

best dog crate

Best Dog Crate

Dog crates come in many shapes, styles, materials, and sizes. There are four main types of dog crates that you can choose between, such as wire, soft-sided, furniture, and plastic dog crates. Each of these styles is very different from the others and has its own unique look, but it’s […]

best dog brush for labs

Best Dog Brush for Labs

Before you can determine the best dog brush to use on your lab, you should learn more about the breed as a whole. Once you do more research and gain a clear understanding of your dog’s breed and how those types of dogs react to certain things, you can take […]