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Pomeranian Labrador Mix

Pomeranian Labrador Mix: Cute Puppy with a Unique Look

Some fans call the Pomeranian Labrador to mix the Pomador. Other people prefer the term, Librarian. Still, others simply call this unique hybrid dog breed “very cute!” Regardless of where you fall in the naming debate, the Pomeranian Labrador mix dog breed has a lot to offer to the right […]

4 Best Lab Tricks to Learn Quickly!

Aside from their cuteness, Labradors are desirable pets because of their intellect and physical agility. These qualities make Labradors capable of learning and executing many entertaining tricks. Showing off your Lab’s skills is one of the best ways for your Lab to wow your friends! These are some of the […]

how long do labradors live labrador retriever lifespan

How Long Do Labradors Live? Labrador Retriever Lifespan

All living beings have an average lifespan, and certain factors can lengthen or shorten that lifespan. The Labrador retriever lifespan is typically 10 – 14 years, but for some, this may not be the average. Depending on lifestyle, diet, and hereditary composition, a Labrador may live shorter or longer than […]

best elevated dog bed

Best Elevated Dog Bed

Adopting a new dog is a serious responsibility to volunteer for. Before you can even bring your new pet home, you must make your home feel comfortable for them. Transitioning into a new home is a slow process, and you should do everything in your power to help ease them […]

labrador puppy food chart

Labrador Puppy Food Chart: What To Feed Your New Puppy

Taking care of a Labrador puppy can be both exciting and a challenge. This breed is naturally very intelligent and friendly, and they have the capability to be the perfect outdoorsy companion because of their love of staying active. As a puppy, it’s vital that you give them the right […]

do you have a fat black lab this is why

Do You Have a Fat Black Lab? This Is Why

Have you ever wondered why your Labrador seems a little bit on the uhhm…. heavier side than your neighbors’ dogs? No, it has nothing to do with his cushy looking coat or the fact that you are just a wonderful owner. There is a scientific reason why Labradors, in particular, […]

buyers guide best dog toothpaste

Buyer’s Guide Best Dog Toothpaste

Dogs need their health maintained just as much as humans do. Their dental health is very much included since it can affect the health in the rest of their body. Bad oral health can potentially become serious to a point that dental disorders like gingivitis and periodontitis occur. Disorders such […]

buyers guide to the best lab collars

Buyers Guide to the Best Lab Collars

Finding the perfect dog collar might seem like a simple thing to do, but there are quite a few options to choose from, and the perfect collar for your dog depends on several factors. Just as an example, you’ll need to consider your dog’s size and age, but you also […]

top 10 best toys for lab puppies

Top 10 Best Toys for Lab Puppies

Puppies are adorable! Taking one look at a little Labrador Retriever puppy, with their still-growing puppy face that’s on a head that’s just a tad too large for their pudgy baby body, who can blame you for melting? It’s also amazing to know that Labs are great with all members […]